Release Notes 0.15

Feature Summary

A Load Torrent dialog has been created which allows files to be set to not download and also allows you to choose the default download location. This dialog can be disabled if that is preferred.


Updated Monsoon to use MonoTorrent 0.40. This release offers better performance as well as numerous bugfixes.

Bug Fixes

  • Monsoon refuses to quit cleanly
  • Use .config files for all dllmaps
  • Swarm Speed is inaccurate
  • Incorrect % completion shown for new torrents
  • New torrents aren't appended with '.torrent'
  • When hashing a torrent, progress bar jumps
  • Unhandled Exception"" appeared, with an NRE in it
  • If default download location not available, gui will not become visible
  • Torrents not deleted after import
  • Add ability to open the destination folder
  • Add confirmation to the 'Remove' button
  • Monsoon memory leak
  • Need download ETA column
  • Using XDG for localized Download folder path
  • Monsoon should ask where to save torrent file
  • Load files from commandline arguments
  • Some GUI settings aren't persisted
  • Allow drag n drop to labels

Reporting Bugs

If you come across any bugs, issues or missing features, file a bug. Patches fixing issues are always welcome.